February in Review


Author: Jacob Hill

Hey travellers!

First and foremost, thank you for supporting this project. It’s still in its infancy and there’s lots of rough terrain to navigate. The learning curve is steep and I appreciate your patience.

In January, I did not pace myself and ended up wrecking my body. In February, I undertook smaller, more sustainable research trips and while I’m not completely used to it yet, the difference is night and day!

I explored the history of the Kelly Gang, which took me throughout Northeast Victoria and across the border to New South Wales. Additionally, I did a recon trip into the Goldfields before exploring the geography of Central Victoria – geography is history, too!

21st Century Jacobsweg: View from the Camel's Hump in Mt Macedon, Victoria.

I will continue my work in researching the Goldfields, which had an incredible impact on not just Victoria, but Australia as a whole.

Seeing as I’m currently enthralled by early settler Australian history, I think I will continue down this path – best to stay focused, wouldn’t you say? I have plans in the works to visit early areas of settlement in Victoria, as well as trace routes taken by early European explorers. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself!

Of course, you find all sorts of fascinating things during trips, so you may see some blogs related to smaller things. I’m going to try (key-word!) to write some smaller posts that are more stand-alone. I like my big narratives, but a good side-story is always welcome. Besides, it might give me an opportunity to write without having to do lots of research beforehand!


I’ve been working hard to produce stories you’ll find interesting and insightful. The posts written for February are:

More stories coming in March – stay tuned!

21st Century Jacobsweg: Eureka Stockade Monument in Ballarat, Australia.

Be sure to check out my YouTube or BitChute channels. There, I work and play with ideas to do with history. It’s more philosophical in nature, but there’s the occasional story from my past I want to tell. The main objective is to stimulate conversation and give you something to think about. No right or wrong – that’s the wrong way to go about things!

Until next time! – Jacob


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