Hi, I’m Jacob!

I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. You’ll usually find me nose deep in a book, learning as much as I can about the story of humanity and how everything has come to be the way it is.  My interests and hobbies vary: linguistics, philosophy, politics, religion, music, hiking, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, just to name a few. But above all, my passion is history.

Since I’m Australian, I also have an insatiable Wanderlust, that insatiable itch to explore new places and piece together the puzzle that is the world.

I’ve always felt at odds with what everyone told me about having a safe, ‘comfortable’ job. Stuck in one place for the next forty years with little opportunity to travel is about as close to hell as I can get. I find a visit to an active warzone a more appealing prospect!

That is, until I received brilliant advice from somebody I consider my mentor: Make my Vocation my Vacation. I took his advice rather literally. Now, I satisfy this urge whenever I can – if I have a spare moment, I’ll be halfway across the country! I used to think of travel as the exception, but I’m determined to make it the norm.

But it’s not about drinking margheritas on the beach and taking snaps of my food. Not at all – being comfortable is the last thing I want to be while travelling! Instead, I’m seeking a better understanding of the world.

I’ve always had an insatiable curiosity about anything and everything, and travelling helps quench my thirst. But what’s more powerful is sharing my discoveries with other people, especially when my conclusions ruffle some feathers!

I love to travel, so why not provide a service while doing it? I need no motivation to talk about history all day long – just ask my friends. I love to slog through a difficult trip, whether by vehicle or by foot, and be rewarded with a beautiful natural vista and a deeper understanding of the world around me.

But above all, I live to see people’s faces light up when they learn something new; to know that I’ve made an impact on their lives and introduced them to possibilities they simply hadn’t considered before is a feeling I cannot put into words.

Therefore, I established 21st Century Jacobsweg (or Jacobsweg for short). The aim of this project is to get out into the world, discover the histories and landscapes thereof and then share them with you.

My main focus whenever I travel is history and geography and I’ve always found himself frustrated at the lack of focus on these two areas on other travel blogs. This is especially the case for smaller, out-of-the-way locations.

I hope to do the places I visit justice by highlighting their unique histories and their natural wonders. I want to inspire others to come and experience these places for themselves rather than just read about them and let their dream holiday remain a dream.

Join me on the Pilgrimage!

When you tell me, “It can’t be done,” all I hear is, “Prove me wrong.”

Get in touch

If you want to communicate with me, I’ll try to get back to you as I may be out and about. At the very least, I’ll read your message. If you want to suggest ideas for historical or geographical sites when I’m heading for a particular location, I will appreciate that immensely. Likewise, if you want to send feedback direct to the source, that is something I welcome, but again no guarantees I will be able reply to everything. My preferred method of communication is email at 21cjacobsweg@gmail.com, but you can message me or leave a comment on one of the social media platforms listed below if that’s more convenient for you (but I check these less often).


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